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Digital Posters for Your Conference

An online poster gallery for your event, meeting, or conference

The eventScribe ePoster Gallery from cadmiumcd is an online poster gallery that allows your attendees to take home posters from presentations at your event, conference, or tradshow..

Let your attendees bring your event's poster gallery home. CadmiumCD will help you digitize presenter posters onto an online ePoster gallery through the eventScribe platform. Your attendees can access it from their computers, on their smartphones, and through their tablets. Now that's continuous education!

Complete Access To Your Meeting Posters!

Attendees can access the gallery anywhere:

Attendees from your event can access your conference's poster gallery from their mobile device through a native app on iOS and Android before, during, or after the meeting. Your attendees can access CadmiumCD's online ePoster Gallery from their PC or Laptop through a HTML5 web app
CadmiumCD's online poster gallery is completely interactive so your attendees can get the greatest continuing education benefit from your conference possible.

An Interactive Experience

The gallery is open for anyone to view, or you can set it up so that only attendees of your conference can access it. Users of the ePoster Gallery can login, take notes, rate posters, and select favorites. The info is easy to share so that users can continuously educate themselves and others.

Attendees can take notes directly on your online event poster gallery then download a personalized summary.

Note Taking

Users can log in to the ePoster Gallery and take notes directly on the posters. Any notes they take will be saved so they can access them at anytime. Users can then print, email, or download a personalized summary of their notes and bookmarked posters.

Attendees and users can rank posters in the online ePoster gallery on a 5-star system so they can collaborate with other users.

Rating System

A 5-star rating system allows users to review posters much like they can apps on the App Store! That way they'll know which posters provide the best data and can contribute their own feedback.

Users can mark their favorite posters with bookmarks in CadmiumCD's online poster gallery.


Users can mark their favorite posters so they can return to them later. They can even browse different subjects so they can narrow posters down to only subjects that are relevant to them.

View statistics about poster usage so you can begin building a strong contiuned education program based on what users are actually learning.

Optional Analytics

Build a stronger community that is focused on collaboration. If you require user logins, you'll get a complete breakdown of feedback and usage statistics so you can constantly enhance your educational goals.

Users of the eventScribe ePoster gallery can search event posters online through a variety of methods.

Search Options.

Users can navigate the ePoster gallery by individual posters, thumbnail images, lists, and a variety of other ways. Or they can simply enter keywords into a search bar and instantly receive a list of relevant posters.

Multiple browse options allows users to search online posters from your event, conference, meeting, or trade show easily and efficiently.

Browse Types

A specialized sidebar allows users to search by category, author, or title so they can always find what they're looking for. If they're looking for a specific poster but can't remember this info, they can browse by thumbnail images to jog their visual memory.

Simple Data Management

Presenters love how easy it is to upload their posters!

CadmiumCD's content and data management system, the Conference Harvester, is used to create the data and content management software to manage poster submissions for the eventScribe ePoster gallery.

CadmiumCD's Conference Harvester® allows you to collect and manage posters easily. This conference management software is the perfect tool to take the stress out of organizing your presenters. One of it's most beloved features is the automated email system. Get in touch to find out more!

Make Your Posters Shine

Get your conference posters in front of attendees!

Goes Hand-in-Hand with the App

The great thing about CadmiumCD is that all our products go together like PB & J! You can include the ePoster Gallery on your event's very own mobile app, native for iOS and Android. Find out more about the mobile event app at or visit us at to find out about all the products and services we offer and how easily they work together.

Don't Let Content Go to Waste

Your posters are a valuable part of your conference. Don't let them be lost forever. The CadmiumCD ePoster Gallery will digitize your events posters so attendees can access them at anytime. Turn content that's browsed over into an integral part of your attendee's continuing education experience. Get in touch to find out how to transform your attendee conference experience today.